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Josh Groban

Community about amazing Josh

Josh Groban community
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Here are the resources for this community. If I have used your stuff and did not mention it here, please let me know!

Tutorial for the header of the community: thirdage
Brushes: 77words

1) Have fun with the Josh Groban things you find here and post as much of your own stuff as you can! ;)

2) More than 2 icons in a post or pictures bigger then about 500x300 use a lj-cut.

3) Requests in the request thread please! I've created one for that reason.

4) Only icons that you have made yourself may be posted. If you post icons that were not made by you, you will receive a warning, and your post will be deleted. If you do it again, you are at risk of being banned.

5) Please credit if wanted by the icon-maker! You don't know how? Look:

Just change the lovely_sweety into the icon-makers name!

6) First look at the tags before asking where your old entry is gone!

7) Questions and concerns about this community should be sent to jordanfan1984.livejournal@googlemail.com



Want to become partner? Here is a banner you can use in your profile if you want to!

Another thing is: I found a co-mod! Great thing! hannahismyidol
YAY! We have another mod! THX so much! destiny2909